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In this article I want to tell a 'real estate transaction of success we made between 2016 and the 2017 a Milano.

I'll show you how vested a immobile ad high commercial value, We have it enhanced and we did get an investor higher than the gain 7%.

So you can look more closely at how we operate and how we can ensure high gain with the minimum risk who makes a driven real estate investment with us.

here is the story real estate operation Bilo residence, phase to phase.


Phase 1 - Acquisition and project

Also in every real estate transaction the goal is: acquire a highly profitable property and revalue to propose it as a short- or long-term investment.

For this reason we use several channels of acquisition, as the search live on the field (in strategic areas of Milan), contacts with estate agents and real estate auctions.

In the case of Residence Bilo we used the auction channel.

We acquire the Bilo residence in May 2016 through to stay the Court of Milan. Fiutiamo opportunity because among the advantageous features There are three elements: university area, apartment building and renovation.

These factors are among the fundamental criteria by which we select properties, and I'll explain why.

university area: areas of Milan nearby universities are increasingly profitable and make a building already palatable itself. The university center of Studies cities it's a location very profitable e protected from devaluation real estate.

Two rooms: we choose it because we know that in that area there is a 'high demand of real estate units small cut, in particular the rent.

One of the reasons that our operations work, indeed, is because acquiring real estate or implementing small breaking up large local, we are going to respond to a specific market demand.

To be restructured: in addition to the cutting area and to the right, the property must be marketable. For this we aim almost always on accommodation to be restored.

We make this choice because after Many years of experience we realized that the phase renovation a property is one of our great strength.

Indeed, the best operations we have done over the years have been those where we chose property in non-optimal conditions and we have totally restructured e revalued.

This allows us more resell or rent to a good price and short times, making the investor obtain a high gain with minimum risk.

Both clear: all stages of an investment are important and must be done well.

But, select a property in dilapidated conditions can give a greater guarantee of high gain if it is able to identify a property potentially revaluable and to enhance it with the right interventions.

Sometimes, those who choose to make a driven real estate investment with us it "fits" in the operation also being restructured, coming to visit at the shipyard and watching with their own eyes the transformation.

Other times, instead, we follow the investor at the stage of selection of the property or the only follow for resale or development income.

Back to us, the Bilo residence It is located very close to the university center of Studies cities from Milan, a short walk from Metro stop and in an area with a good quality of life: all benefits sought by potential tenants.

That's why we see this property a perfect opportunity be proposed as Investment income the potential investor will pay attention to us.

We therefore a 'accurate and in-depth analysis Property that interests, with all the assessments on state of conservation, the regularity, any issues be solved and Cost estimates restructuring.

We ensure to know that there are no obstacles to continue the operation and that the investment will be profitable, then we put on paper a clear and well-defined operational plan.

Once sure that everything is ok, acquire property.

Here are some photos of the newly acquired.



Phase 2 - Restructuring and furnishing

It is a two-room of 40 sq.m. al ground floor ad office use, in an elegant environment with garden, box Monthly and Service reception.

Our project:

  • make the change of use to residential;
  • redesigning spaces;
  • restructure to revalue;
  • to furnish;
  • add some kits;
  • propose it as long-term investment.

We have in our hands the ideal property to be restored in order to increase the value and here's how to become: entrance, living room with kitchen, sleeping area and bathroom window (with dressing), master bedroom with a study corner.

First of all we do d'use change in residential residential, with adaptation of plants under.

Then we can begin the transformation of the apartment.

We rely on one of our companies trust e of professionals we work every day in close contact on property transactions.

As we always say: is fundamental can watch on construction sites to ensure that there are no unforeseen.

Then we proceed with the redesign of the interior spaces and we start all interventions that allow us to create a quality product for potential tenants: livable, functional and also pleasant at the sight.


We rely on modification plant of conditioning existing and on structural interventions and furnishing capable of making l 'ambient very bright.

Often, in operations that we want to propose as an investment, we adopt this strategy: we design the building as a function of the furniture that we plan to enter, so we get a space gain of up to 20%!

Another type of intervention that allows us to greatly improve the property is the realization of a countertop: is the visual impact and allows the use of a Double lighting system.

In Residence Bilo we use this system in living room with kitchen, both in bedroom, and install a lighting system with LED lights e recessed spotlights.

Let us restore the window frames external, replace the double glasses and install a security door for security.

Furthermore, insert of fine finishes and a pavement with parquet to enhance even more the accommodation.


For decoration we choose ink clear and natural, as our policy, to create harmony between the walls and coatings. This choice allows us to increase the perception of space the A brightness and give a modern twist!

Furthermore, to focus on neutral colors It allows fit the tastes of most people, leaving them free to customize later as they prefer.

Once the restructuring, We proceed with the decor.

The entrance leads into the living room a few steps, where live (ideally separate) area stay-living area with the kitchen.

We furnish the kitchen with furnishings e accessories, inserting also a dishwasher.

In the area living room we place a extension table with 4 chairs and a sofa bed a 2 seats.

In bedroom mount a double bed with container and a wardrobe a 5 before.

Finally, Decorating the bathroom with mirror e drawers.

We add double curtains (blinds and internal) and others small kits, creating an environment that can still be customized by whom we will live.

He was born the Bilo residence.



Phase 3 - Development Income and earnings

During the renovation of the residence Bilo we wanted to focus, as in many other cases, its a radical restoration to create a high added value.

The we clean and we set up for good, strategically, per exalt i strengths in the eyes of those who will see it, so as to guarantee investment success.



Several have contacted us over the months per have informations on this investment opportunities and the evolution of the work. But the real interested It came when l 'immobile era almost ready asking to view it.

E He decided to trust us to buy it and put it in income.

In June 2017, l’investor acquires the property for 165.000 euro and in about 10 days we can find him a tenant.

The negotiations for the lease It is concluded at a price of 900 € per month, ie an income of 10.800 € all’anno net of service charges.

The price assumed in the design phase, according to a market research, was of 800 € per month, then the operation has also exceeded expectations.

Let's reasoning to understand how the investment was fruitful.

The purchase price Property for the investor was 165.000 €.

The property has been made income for a price of 10.800 € all’anno, then 10.800×100/165.000 = 6,55%.

Having acquired the property at a preliminary stage as a "renovation" and then have it rogitato come restored old building He has enabled us to take advantage of the investor fiscal detraction decades of 50%.

The restructuring had cost 35.000 €, so thanks to the tax deduction of 50% provided for by Italian law, the investor will enjoy a ten-year tax deduction of well 17.500 €.

Whereas for the first 10 years you will use this tax deduction, personal income tax on income, to break down rate tax (20%), and thus do not bear the cost, the revenue It will be about 7,8%.

The total time of realization of 'operation Bilo residence (from acquisition to completion of the investment) It was about a year.

I wanted to tell you this to show you how we manage driven real estate investments and how we can ensure these results: we create a project well studied and follow him together with a team tried of experts on the technical aspects, Legal and tax.

If this story has stimulated your curiosity, see our real estate transactions available O contact us to know each other and deepen the investment opportunities.


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2 thoughts on “Investment real estate: Success Story Residence Bilo”

    1. Buongiorno
      ciò che intendiamo far capire è che tramite la detrazione fiscale è più conveniente optare per un regime ordinario (irpef) in quanto il risparmio ottenuto sarebbe maggiore.
      La cedolare secca infatti è un espediente per risparmiare sul reddito irpef ma in questo caso sarebbe inutile, anzi più onerosa.