Who we are

twenty S.r.l. is a real estate operations at Milan company that was founded more than ten years experience of making up teams.

We worked at major companies in the construction sector and restructuring, operating at 360 degrees in reality of small and medium-scale.

La Casa d’Aste Sotheby’s, Ki Point of the Italian Post and the Bocconi University are just a few names we have worked with during their working careers.

Our team, strong of a great cultural background and wide experience, It is the ideal partner to turn to for investment, Trade and technical-legal advice in real estate.

For more information about our business please do not hesitate to contact us.

Because we

Because our investment formula is cheaper than other forms of classic investment. It is not necessary to have a large capital but it is also possible to participate with a minimum investment.

Furthermore, all our partial investment transactions are certified by regular sharing agreements in units, while individual investments by regular registered contracts with property investor guarantee.

If you are interested in our offer please contact us to request your free consultation.

About us

excellent cooperation !

ongoing and fruitful cooperation, We managed two transactions with the Twenty S.r.l. of which a positively concluded, we believe this company a good contact for the management of their properties and a potential buyer of our site proposals.
Giuseppe D. ( Milano )

Our professionalism in their service !

Mediation for properties owned Twenty S.R.L. conducted in full synergy and professionalism on both sides. Definitely we will propose investment opportunities in this company because their makers have been of very reliable partners. Thank you!


Diego S. ( mediator )

dual Mandate!

We sold an apartment and the customer has contacted us later for a new assignment, the Twenty S.r.l Company. We asked us also to buy real estate for real estate transactions that will report promptly in order to generate a new, interesting and fruitful collaboration.

Titian C. ( Agency owner IMI Sant'Agostino Milan ~ )

the achieved sales office!

Assignment successfully achieved and professionalism dedicated to our customer Twenty S.r.l. with whom we have established an ongoing relationship through mutual seriousness. twenty S.r.l. He has contacted us the following year for the sale of their new housing units.
Lorenzo F. ( TEMPOCASA agent MI Corvetto , Milano )

double Business!

We successfully concluded the sale of our property to the Twenty companies S.r.l. thanks to their contact e-mail that generated a great deal between the parties. Now we treat the sale of this property from them renovated, double business run by both parties with full professionalism.
Francesco G. ( Agent Pirelli Via Torricelli MI )

Contract finalized with seriousness

Contract finalized with seriousness and professionalism, we opened a collaboration that will be productive even in time. Thank you!

Daniel G. ( Agency Via Anfossi ~ Milan )