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"S Operation. Ambrogio”: innovations and terrace intervention [PHOTO]

Intervention on the terrace property S. Ambrogio

I'm back with some Announcements on 'real estate transaction S. Ambrogio.

It is the property acquired several months ago, which was originally a 180 sq.m. and from which we proceeds three units (two apartments and an office).

I due apartments, a two-room of 55 square meters and a trilocale of 85 sq.m., We offer them as investment real estate income with gain from 5 al 7%.

The work of renovation continue and I want to tell you some interventions in place:

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"S Operation. Ambrogio”: Project rendering Three rooms [PHOTO]

Here is a new updating on 'real estate transaction S. Ambrogio we have just commenced.

in last Article I showed you photos and details of the apartment 55 square meters, which will derive originally from immobility (180 sq.m.).


Today I'll explain come we want structure the other flat.

The trilocale It is a property of 85 sq.m. his three levels, as follows: entrance, living room with a large living area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft.

Look at the photo with descriptions the project rendering of "Three rooms S. Ambrogio”.

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"S Operation. Ambrogio”: Project rendering Two rooms [PHOTO]

I'm back to update you on how to proceed l’real estate transaction S. Ambrogio.

Waiting for jobs (that will soon) I'll explain a bit 'more detail as will be the two apartments that The e veremo.

Let's start with the two-room.

The apartment is a property of 55 sq.m. his two levels, as follows: entrance, living room with a large living area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area with bathroom for the exclusive use.

Here are photo of the rendering the "Two rooms D design. Ambrogio”.

In every picture you can find the Description to better understand what we want to achieve.

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New real estate transaction "S. Ambrogio”

Two rooms of the State of Project S. Ambrogio in Milan

With this article I want to tell you a start 'real estate transaction we have launched recently, to show concretely what we do and how we do it.

We therefore present “S. Ambrogio”: a property of about 180 m we vested through a 'real estate auction, in origin to use warehouse office, and we are going to completely transform.

We are Milano, In the area. Ambrogio, in an area with a good life quality, well served by transport and shops, close to 'Catholic University.

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